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Re: graphics or text as default?

Frans Pop wrote:
On Monday 15 May 2006 16:46, Attilio Fiandrotti wrote:

What about using GTK libraries from CVS ? i386 experimental udebs i
built some times ago proved to work well (better than 2.0.9 regarding
fonts) and i can tell you the DFB backend they contain is much more
robust than the one contained in 2.0.9 libraries (which was nothing
more than an hacky set of patches applied to standard 2.0.9 GTK
libraries, far away from being bugless).

We could look at that, but I will not have time until after my holidays.

I'm more and more convinced that a patched GTK 2.9.0 set of libraries would be a reasonable solution for the g-i while waiting for GTK 2.10 to be released. This would allow us to spot potential problems that could arise with recent GTK libraries even before GTK 2.10 is released (and some were prevously detected using the udebs form CVS). Many improvements introduced in GTK > 2.8 are related to advanced functionalities (printing system, async file chooser..) that the g-i does not make use of at all (the GTK frontend makes use of a very minimal set of classic GTK widgets) and so i think that bugs that may still be present in GTK 2.9.0 won't affect our g-i directly nor indirectly. Some time is indeed needed to create a patchfile, build experimental udebs etc.. () , so i guess you can enjoy your vacations while GTK 2.9.0 is being fixed up for later udeb packaging :)



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