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Re: graphics or text as default?

On Monday 15 May 2006 23:40, Sven Luther wrote:
> Another aspect not to forget about this too. We have made considerable
> effort to bring the directfb code to gtk 2.9+. We have involved
> external folk outside of d-i to help us and make this happen (I am
> thinking of Dennis and Mike in particular here, but there may be
> others), and if we are going to end not using it in etch after all,
> this may not be good for motivation for finding help the next time we
> need it.

I agree, but we cannot really do very much unless upstream actually 
releases the versions into which directfb was merged and those versions 
are packaged for Debian. Alternatives have been discussed several times 

> That said, another important point is, will we be using a separate
> gtk-dfb 2.9/2.10 package set, or will we be using the main gtk debian
> package ? In this second case, are the gtk-gnome folk ready to move to
> gtk 2.10 for etch ?

I'd hope we can use the main gtk debian package. I have no idea if the 
Gnome packagers are ready or not or if they are even considering 
packaging 2.10 for Etch given the release planning and the upcoming 
freeze. Especially since AFAICT 2.10 has not yet been released...

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