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Re: Indic scripts

> No. The D-I team meeting scheduled for March 4th will decide the main
> goals for beta 3 (or RC1 I can't tell right now).
> Maybe will we fix ourselves a deadline at this meeting...or maybe it
> will wait for the next monthly meeting.
> In any case, I doubt that the version following beta2 is scheduled
> before May 1st...let's maybe say around May...with the constraint of
> the Debian Conference which has never proven to be the best moment for
> a D-I release last two years.
> > And what is the dateline? is there any interval between each beta release?
> By experience, the interval can't be less than 2 months and we hope it
> won't be more than 4 months. Here I speak freely and Frans can probaly
> correct if I'm wrong.

Thank Christian, I border you too much ;-)
But just one quick question. :-)
Is it possible for Khmer to be included in beta 3 if the translation
won't be complete of all levels?


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