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Re: Indic scripts

> Please understand that I am not waiting but i want to schedule my work.
> If it is earlier, I will put priority 1 to this translation tasks.
> As beta2 will be released at the beginning of 1st March, Is there any
> beta3 deadline coming?

No. The D-I team meeting scheduled for March 4th will decide the main
goals for beta 3 (or RC1 I can't tell right now).

Maybe will we fix ourselves a deadline at this meeting...or maybe it
will wait for the next monthly meeting.

In any case, I doubt that the version following beta2 is scheduled
before May 1st...let's maybe say around May...with the constraint of
the Debian Conference which has never proven to be the best moment for
a D-I release last two years.

> And what is the dateline? is there any interval between each beta release?

By experience, the interval can't be less than 2 months and we hope it
won't be more than 4 months. Here I speak freely and Frans can probaly
correct if I'm wrong.

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