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Re: Indic scripts

> So what I can contribute is to continue translating some strings left
> and wait for
> you to create km folder on the server (i.e.level2 and so on) .

You can continue completing level1....

You can also begin working on level2 by grabbing the POT files as
mentioned in the i18n documentation and report them as bug against the
relevant packages, as explained in the d-i i18n documentation again.

> I might repeat the question that when will be the released date of beta2?
> then i can figure out how much time left do i need to finish all
> strings left to be ready
> in beta3?

The release of beta2 is on its way. Frans, our release manager is
setting up everything that was needed now that the needed kernel
packages have migrated to testing. We can expect test images to be
ready very soon, then something like 7-10 days testing before the

So "end of February" is something reasonable.

Again, do not wait for it to complete the remaining work...
you will anyway be ready for the next release, so don't worry.

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