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Re: [g-i] fonts: a few thoughts

> I am not sure, if I understand the problem exactly.
> But IMHO it should be possible to extract the actually used characters 
> of the .po strings into a file 'used_characters', which maybe is 
> different to 'needed_characters' (which includes user entered strings?).

The installer build system already does this. However, it does it only
on the udebs included in the initrd. So, this is why we invented this
system, when 2 years ago, I noticed that some French screens were
missing our "ù" letter.

Of course, as we now have master PO files, we could automate all this
from the master PO files. However, when it comes at combining
languages, we need to keep more glyphs than just the single glyphs
corresponding to characters in the text files.

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