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Re: Why discover1-data is so old in Debian Sarge, while in unstable is up to date ?

>>>>> "arno" == Arno van Amersfoort <arnova@eld.physics.leidenuniv.nl> writes:

    arno> I don't agree on the fact that one might be better of with
    arno> eg.  backports.org . Main reason is that using backports
    arno> packages can bring you a real "dependency" hell, as often
    arno> backports packages also assume that you use several other
    arno> packages from them aswell. Good examples are Samba &
    arno> Spamassassin. I tried using those packages in the past but
    arno> ended up building that stuff from source, as the backports
    arno> packages demanded to almost upgrade half of packages on
    arno> Woody system. This is something that volatile could fix: as
    arno> these packages should solely depend on the default versions
    arno> (dependencies) of the packages that ship with Stable
    arno> (Sarge)....

    This specific issue isn't a problem of backports.org but of
    backporter (who did the backport) since he should try to avoid to
    backport other dependencies if isn't really a need.

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