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Re: Why discover1-data is so old in Debian Sarge, while in unstable is up to date ?

On 6/7/05, Petter Reinholdtsen <pere@hungry.com> wrote:
> [Francesco P. Lovergine]
> > Someone suggested that discover1-data should enter the volatile
> > archive.  It could have sense, IMHO. That along with an up-to-date
> > d-installer could allow installation of sarge for years from now...
> Would need a kernel with up to date drivers as well.

so? can't there be modules, like the ones for pcmcia?
I know backporting is hard sometimes, but the idea with discover in
volatile, seems reasonable and justified.

> I seriously belive this should go into the real release, and not
> volatile, to make sure the stable release is actually usable on newer
> hardware, when that time comes.

your observation is also quite correct; the installation should be
possile at all times..

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