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Re: CD-ROM mount failed

Stephen R Marenka píše v Po 25. 04. 2005 v 13:43 -0500:
> The m68k daily initrds use cdrom-detect 1.06 which isn't released yet.
> At least that patch seems to work as well for you as for me. :-)

very good.

> > I have encountered other problems - not detecting freshly created linux
> > partitions - but that is too far from subject of this thread so I'll
> > better fill the installation reports as instructed.
> Yeah, parted support.

I must admit that I spent half of Sunday trying the install sarge again
and again to ensure that I am not doing it wrong. Today I wanted to test
it on real hardware before filling the installation report. But your
words sounds like it's a known problem? But it's kind of a show stopper
- "hey, you can partition your drive but you'll never install anything".
Is this really the current state of sarge on atari?

Let me sum it up: partition is created correctly, kernel recognizes it
during boot (reporting AHDI p1) but the udeb findpart.1 or something
like that fails apparently as it reports "no partitions found".

What are we gonna do with this? How can I help?


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