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Re: CD-ROM mount failed

Frans Pop píše v Ne 24. 04. 2005 v 21:42 +0200:

> Please file a proper installation report [1].

I will.

> The cause of that problem is almost certainly intermittent read errors 
> from the CD-ROM.

The CD-ROM is emulated (it's not real hardware). It's extremely unlikely
that there would be intermittent read errors. Besides that, I checked
the integrity of that CD using d-i method.

> Check dmesg and the logfiles for errors (from VT2).

Will do.

> These problems are very difficult to track down.

With ARAnyM it should be very easy since it's 100% reproducible.


P.S. I spent last four hours by trying other installation methods. The
hd-media didn't manage to mount TOS FAT at all (tried several times with
different TOS formats). At last I succeeded with ext2 format but that's
not very useful for average BFU since to format ext2 partition you need
to have either Linux-m68k already running or to have at least a decent
FreeMiNT setup working. So in other words, I think that either hd-media
or the provided kernel has a problem with TOS FAT fs. Will re-check
later before filling another [1].

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