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Bug#305844: (forw) RE: Bug#305844: Package: installation-reports

> >Could you try again with Knoppix and later issued a "lsmod" command.
> Yes, I can access the harddisk with Knoppix (Knoppix 3.8.1 2005-04-08,
> just for the records). Output of lsmod can be found below. It seems that
> aacraid is the module needed for this controller.

Well, according to pci.lst in discover1-data, this module should have
been loaded by D-I.

So, could you check again with the installer CD and, when the error
message about missing disk pops up, switch to VT2 by Alt-F2, enter a
shell and issue "lsmod" to check whether the aacraid module is loaded?

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