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Re: CD-ROM mount failed

Frans Pop píše v Ne 24. 04. 2005 v 22:42 +0200:
> > > The cause of that problem is almost certainly intermittent read
> > > errors from the CD-ROM.
> >
> > The CD-ROM is emulated (it's not real hardware). It's extremely
> > unlikely that there would be intermittent read errors. Besides that, I
> > checked the integrity of that CD using d-i method.
> This is in the beginning of the installation process, right?


But I must tell you that I have just updated the kernel and initrd.gz
with latest daily builds (previously I was using the one from CD which
was dated 2005-03-23, not 2005-04-23 as I said originally) and it now
works correctly.

I have encountered other problems - not detecting freshly created linux
partitions - but that is too far from subject of this thread so I'll
better fill the installation reports as instructed.


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