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Re: Proposed patch for cdrom-detect

> Template: cdrom-detect/no-release
> Type: error
> _Description: Error reading Release file
>  The CD-ROM does not seem to hold a valid Release file or that file could
>  not be read correctly.
>  .
>  You may try to repeat CD-ROM detection but, even if it does succeed the
>  second time, you may experience problems later in the installation.

Maybe quote "Release"...... I suspect that translators are likely to
mistakenly translate this word.

Indeed, I think it appears at some other place. I should have a look
at this.

In any case, I suggest you put a comment for translators there:

Type: error
# Translators: DO NOT TRANSLATE "Release". This is the name of a file

This reminds me that I should make a big work in commenting several
templates because some are a bit tricky


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