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Proposed patch for cdrom-detect

Hi all,

I've got a patch ready for cdrom-detect that makes the postinst fail when 
the Releases file can't be read and therefore mirror/suite is not set.
Currently the user only finds out there's a problem when base-install is 
being run. IMO detecting this during cdrom-detect is better.
The patch includes a new error template.

This is a different solution from that proposed in #271976 where submitter 
suggests to ask for the suite in this situation.
IMO this is wrong as a valid Release file is something basic for an 
installation CD and problems reading it are probably an indication that 
something will fail later anyway.

If no one objects, I will commit this patch.

I'd also like to implement the patch proposed in #295476 (option to 
disable auto-eject). I feel it would be useful, e.g for my laptop and 
sparc which don't automatically boot from the CD drive.


Text of the new template (comments welcome)
Template: cdrom-detect/no-release
Type: error
_Description: Error reading Release file
 The CD-ROM does not seem to hold a valid Release file or that file could
 not be read correctly.
 You may try to repeat CD-ROM detection but, even if it does succeed the
 second time, you may experience problems later in the installation.

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