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Re: debian-installer sarge does not select appropriate AthlonXP (kt7) kernel

Hi Christian,

Thank you for your reply.

For this purpose exists the "businesscard CD".
Netinst was initially created to test d-i against unstable or testing only.

I am not sure if I understand, let me check.  I noticed that
sarge-I386-businesscard.iso is presently 30.4MB, sarge-i386-netinst.iso
is presently 104MB. If the bussinesscard distribution contains all that
is necessary to do a netinst and install an optimised k7 kernel, I am
wondering what the other 73MB on the netinst ISO is for...?

(If the businesscard CD contains all required to do a netinst and
install an optimised kernel perhaps that could be made more noticeable
on the debian site.. I chose the netinst ISO because I thought that was
the only one which would work for me..)

Kind regards

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