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Re: debian-installer sarge does not select appropriate AthlonXP (kt7) kernel

On Sunday 20 March 2005 21:21, J. Grant wrote:
> Ah, ok.  I was using the netinst CD.  I though that because all the
> packages were downloaded it would be able to set it up with that
> kernel. or does it require to install the kernel immediately before
> going on-line and then is unable to switch kernels...?

Hmmm. If you did use the netinst CD, no packages are downloaded before the 
reboot after the first stage of installation is completed. All packages 
before the reboot are taken from the CD.

> (Perhaps if it is tied to using a boot kernel, perhaps a later stage of
> the netinst CD could be to detect an optimal kernel and switch from the
> default i386..?)

There are two kernels, that are fairly unrelated:
- the kernel the installer uses: this is always a generic kernel for i386;
- the kernel that is installed into /target during base installation and
  that is used after the reboot; for this an optimized selection is made
  from kernels available at that stage (with the netinst CD the only
  available kernel is the i386 variant).

If you use the netinst CD, you'll have to upgrade to an optimized kernel 
yourself after the installation has completed.

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