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Re: debian-installer sarge does not select appropriate AthlonXP (kt7) kernel


Thank you for your fast reply to my email.

If you used the netinst CD to install Sarge, this is normal as the i386 kernel is the only kernel available on that CD. If you had used any other installation method, the correct kernel would probably (should) have been selected.

Ah, ok.  I was using the netinst CD.  I though that because all the
packages were downloaded it would be able to set it up with that kernel.
or does it require to install the kernel immediately before going
on-line and then is unable to switch kernels...?

(Perhaps if it is tied to using a boot kernel, perhaps a later stage of
the netinst CD could be to detect an optimal kernel and switch from the
default i386..?)

(please include my email address in any replies, I am not on this list)

Kind regards

p.s. debian install report attatched to other email in thread.

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