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Re: Keyboard on SunBlade 100 finally working? (was: hung at Choose Language with sarge-sparc-netinst CD)

On Thu, 2005-03-10 at 13:11, Frans Pop wrote:
> When you get to the keymap list, please select <go back>. Next, you should 
> get the debian-installer main menu.
> If you select the keyboard selection again, you should get a question 
> about the type of keyboard. What are the available options? Which option 
> is default?
> Could you try different combinations (like selecting USB keyboard with US 
> keymap and German keymap or selecting SUN keyboard with different 
> keymaps).
> Does any of those get you a keyboard with working arrow keys, enter key 
> and console switching?
> (Background info: the usb-mac-us keymap is actually an AT keymap and not 
> an USB keymap at all; that is why I ask you to also try the 
> usb-mac-german keymap.)

I tried some of the combinations. I have to keep the sparc server up for mail purposes but I can bring it down soon and try the debian sarge install again.

I remember once I chose a British / UK keyboard layout instead of American English. This allowed me more flexibility than I had with the American English layout but I still ended up with the keyboard in non-working state after making a few more choices. I'll try the combinations and report the results when I bring the server down.

-- TT

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