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hung at Choose Language with sarge-sparc-netinst CD

I'm trying to install debian sparc sarge on a Sun Blade 100. From the
OBP prompt I give the "boot cdrom" command and the booting begins. When
a window named Choose Language appears the system hangs. I've tried
three different PC monitors and a Sun GDM-20E20 monitor (an old one but
big piece of hardware that works with Solaris). They all hang on the
same screen. Does anyone know what options I can pass with the boot

Opps, I just tried the daily build ISO (current 2005-03-10) with the
Daewoo monitor and it worked. Then I reconnected (hot swapped) the Sun
monitor and it worked too. Someone at debian.org must have made a change
between the RC2 image dated 2004-11-22 and 2005-03-10 that made the
difference. Just thought I'd post a thanks note. (just for the sake of
curiosity, could you tell me what that change might be? in layman's

Here's hoping the rest of the install works ...

-- TT

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