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Re: Keyboard on SunBlade 100 finally working? (was: hung at Choose Language with sarge-sparc-netinst CD)

On Thursday 10 March 2005 18:43, tom scott wrote:
> I can "Choose language" (English), then "Choose country or
> region" (United States), then "Select a keyboard layout" (American
> English).

Well, this is progress as before the keyboard did not work at all!
Can you switch consoles at this stage (alt-f2, alt-f3, alt-f4)?

> Then a screen/window titled "Detecting hardware to find 
> CD-ROM drivers" and a progress bar, then it displays "Your installation
> CD-ROM couldn't be mounted. This probably means that the CD-ROM was not
> in the drive. If so you can insert it andd try again. Try again to
> mount the CD-ROM? <Yes> <No>". At this point the behavior of the keys
> is wrong, which indicates as you say, the keyboard problem. The Return
> key selects <No> and the Enter key selects <Yes>. The Control key acts
> like it's a selecting key (like Return and Enter usually are). And so
> on.

I'm going to ignore the CD problem for now, and concentrate on getting the 
keyboard working.
When you get to the keymap list, please select <go back>. Next, you should 
get the debian-installer main menu.
If you select the keyboard selection again, you should get a question 
about the type of keyboard. What are the available options? Which option 
is default?

Could you try different combinations (like selecting USB keyboard with US 
keymap and German keymap or selecting SUN keyboard with different 
Does any of those get you a keyboard with working arrow keys, enter key 
and console switching?

(Background info: the usb-mac-us keymap is actually an AT keymap and not 
an USB keymap at all; that is why I ask you to also try the 
usb-mac-german keymap.)


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