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Re: Keyboard on SunBlade 100 finally working? (was: hung at Choose Language with sarge-sparc-netinst CD)

On Thu, 2005-03-10 at 17:21 +0100, Frans Pop wrote:
> On Thursday 10 March 2005 17:06, tom scott wrote:
> > I'm trying to install debian sparc sarge on a Sun Blade 100. From the
> > OBP prompt I give the "boot cdrom" command and the booting begins. When
> > a window named Choose Language appears the system hangs.
> Are you sure it really hangs? We've had several reports for Sun Blade 100 
> installations using usb keyboards where it's just the keyboard not 
> working...

I think you;re right. I have the Sun Model Type 6 USB keyboard and I'm
pretty sure that's what's causing the problem. See below for details.

> > Opps, I just tried the daily build ISO (current 2005-03-10) with the
> > Daewoo monitor and it worked. Then I reconnected (hot swapped) the Sun
> > monitor and it worked too. Someone at debian.org must have made a
> > change between the RC2 image dated 2004-11-22 and 2005-03-10 that made
> > the difference. Just thought I'd post a thanks note. (just for the sake
> > of curiosity, could you tell me what that change might be? in layman's
> > terms?)
> Do you mean it really 'just works' now? After booting, you get the 
> language menu and can select the proper language? Console switching works 
> too? No problems during or after keyboard selection?

I can "Choose language" (English), then "Choose country or
region" (United States), then "Select a keyboard layout" (American
English). Then a screen/window titled "Detecting hardware to find CD-ROM
drivers" and a progress bar, then it displays "Your installation CD-ROM
couldn't be mounted. This probably means that the CD-ROM was not in the
drive. If so you can insert it andd try again. Try again to mount the
CD-ROM? <Yes> <No>". At this point the behavior of the keys is wrong,
which indicates as you say, the keyboard problem. The Return key selects
<No> and the Enter key selects <Yes>. The Control key acts like it's a
selecting key (like Return and Enter usually are). And so on.

> In that case it could be that finally the keyboard support problem is 
> solved :-)

I apologize for being the bearer of bad news, but the problem does not
appear to be solved.

> The change was adding an udeb with usb support on the CD and some other 
> stuff to load the proper drivers.
> Could you please try an installation after RC3 is released (should be 
> within the next few days)? No need to finish the installation, just 
> proceed up to network configuration.

I have Solaris 10 on slices 0-6 (44 GB) and can use it till I
successfully install debian sparc sarge on s7 (30 GB). Swap is on s1,
whole disk / backup on s2; i'll use them for debian unless I hear
otherwise from this list. I'll be watching for RC3. Thanks, -- TT

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