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Re: Old world mac boot floppies

On Nov 9, 2004, at 3:45 AM, Wade Berrier wrote:

One last thing I'm going to try is to replace the cmos battery.  When I
boot into the woody install, the time is set to 1956.  I'll set it, and
even still, the next reboot is 1956. I friend at work tipped me on this
one.  Maybe this will make it so I can boot quik.

Anyone have any other suggestions?

Replacing the battery will definitely help. Quik depends on patches to the Open Firmware setting. Those settings are maintained in the CMOS RAM by the battery. When the battery fails, the patches disappear -- poof! you can't boot with quik.

That said: Even with a working CMOS battery, quik has its serious problems. Since there is no working (in the sense of "just works" -- quik doesn't qualify IMHO) and "free" (in the Debian legal sense) bootloader for OldWorld PowerMacs, you might as well use BootX. It "just works" on pretty much all OldWorld models, because it depends on MacOS for all the model-specific stuff. With a little care, the disk-space overhead for MacOS with BootX can be kept well under 100 MB (on a modern 200 GB disk, that's less than peanuts!). With no care at all, you can keep it to under 300 MB (just do a "standard" install). It's definitely worth the trouble to get hold of a MacOS 8.5 - 9.1 CD and install it -- just for the convenience factor.

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