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Re: Localechooser (was: Re: Bug#268815: Second stage in debian-installer starts up in english when swithcing languages during first stage)

> Somewhere under branches/, if you're only interested in branching
> countrychooser/languagechooser for now you could call it
> branches/languagechooser-sarge or the like.

I'm more interested in starting to develop a new package based on
both, which would basically merge them.

Using another package name allows for a more progressive switch : when
localechooser will be mature enough, we can maintain it concurrently
and deeply test it by building images with it instead of

Anyway, the target for this is post-sarge. I will certainly not work
on it until sarge release...except if I sometimes am looking for time
to waste during my daily bus/train travel..-)

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