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Re: Bug#269424: syslinux/floppy doesn't pass extra args

Angus Lees wrote:
> The syslinux/floppy help screens are full of wonderful extra arguments
> you can pass to enable/disable all sorts of features.  Only problem
> is, it doesn't work..  See Bug #269424 against syslinux.
> This is arguably not release-critical for syslinux, but certainly is
> (IMO) against debian-installer floppies - I'm sending this mail just
> to make sure the debian-installer crowd is aware of the bug.
> (I'm not subscribed to debian-boot, so if this needs further
> discussion, please CC me)

I cannot reproduce this bug, so I doubt it's RC for d-i either, since it
seems to only affect your hardware. Given the number of people we've had
pass parameter to syslinux over the lifetime of d-i or even since June
when it worked for you, I doubt it affects more than 0.01% of machines.

see shy jo

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