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Bug#268815: Second stage in debian-installer starts up in english when swithcing languages during first stage

> I've tested them here and seems fine to me.  Christian, could you also
> give it a try?  As I stated in the code (FIXME comment) I couldn't
> manage to find a better solution, maybe Joey suggests a more legal
> solution for the problem.

Recai, thanks a lot for working on this. I use this occasion for
granting the work you're doing on these i18n issues : your help has
been and is still considerable.

I'm quite busy currently at work so I have far less time than earlier

As a consequence, I'm not really sure that I will have time for
testing. I'll try but I first want to work again on daily images
validation for French (which I've stopped since RC1).

IMHO, the change is quite invasive and, then, probably risky before
RC2. This means we will probably have to live with 268815 for RC2
unless I am wrong and the change is indeed not dangerous.

I'm confident in the quality of your patches, Recai, that's not really
the problem. Indeed, they're probably more robust than most of things
I've coded myself. However, changing things now is maybe not the
safest option.

268815 is, imho, not that grave as the situation where the user
changes the language during the install is quite unlikely.

I'm waiting for others input on this topic, of course....

And, anyway, I'll make my best for testing the proposed patch.

In the more long future, we probably have to consider merging again
languagechooser and countrychooser together : both are working too
closely and making countrychooser a separate package may have been a
bad design choice (this was mine..:-)).

I imagine this to happen only after sarge release, however.

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