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Re: Localechooser (was: Re: Bug#268815: Second stage in debian-installer starts up in english when swithcing languages during first stage)

Christian Perrier wrote:
> Well, indeed we already can start to merge them. The only thing to do
> is creating a new localechooser package and develop there.
> With this, the work can continue on languagechooser/countrychooser for
> stable release and we prepare new stuff in localechooser.
> About these prospective packages, I suggest using a different
> directory : rather than packages/ maybe use newpackages/ or something
> like this. 
> The reason is the new l10n merging system which takes all packages
> under packages for creating the merged l10n files. Using another
> directory for prospective d-i packages would allow developers to work
> on them without interfering with translation (usually, in early dev
> stages, templates are often changed for instance). This would also
> probably offer an easy way to all d-i team for knowing which packages
> are prospective and which are production....
> Joey, comments on this ?

Somewhere under branches/, if you're only interested in branching
countrychooser/languagechooser for now you could call it
branches/languagechooser-sarge or the like.

see shy jo

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