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Bug#268815: Second stage in debian-installer starts up in english when swithcing languages during first stage

> IMO, the change is not so invasive as it appears.  The patch for the
> countrychooser does only a simple code move and it is perfectly possible
> to ignore it at all, at the expense of using a somewhat ugly call as

A first test shows the patch works and does not seem to break any of
lang/country choosers.

The only glitch is that when countrychooser is run the second time,
after changing the language, it is run from languagechooser and thus
the country choice window mentions "Choose language"...while the user
is choosing the country...:-)

Another strange behaviour I had with this. I used the following

boot: linux
At languagechooser, choose French
At countrychooser, choose France
At kbd-config, use Go Back
At main menu, Choose language
At languagechooser, choose English
At countrychooser (launched from languagechooser there), choose India

Then I was no more prompted for the keyboard even though this step
wasn't completed at the first run.

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