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Localechooser (was: Re: Bug#268815: Second stage in debian-installer starts up in english when swithcing languages during first stage)

> > In the more long future, we probably have to consider merging again
> > languagechooser and countrychooser together : both are working too
> > closely and making countrychooser a separate package may have been a
> > bad design choice (this was mine..:-)).
> > 
> > I imagine this to happen only after sarge release, however.
> Right.  We should merge them in future.

Well, indeed we already can start to merge them. The only thing to do
is creating a new localechooser package and develop there.

With this, the work can continue on languagechooser/countrychooser for
stable release and we prepare new stuff in localechooser.

About these prospective packages, I suggest using a different
directory : rather than packages/ maybe use newpackages/ or something
like this. 

The reason is the new l10n merging system which takes all packages
under packages for creating the merged l10n files. Using another
directory for prospective d-i packages would allow developers to work
on them without interfering with translation (usually, in early dev
stages, templates are often changed for instance). This would also
probably offer an easy way to all d-i team for knowing which packages
are prospective and which are production....

Joey, comments on this ?

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