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Bug#248047: Cobalt install

* christian mock <cm@tahina.priv.at> [2004-05-24 02:47]:
> The installer starts, but when the "configuring network via DHCP" part
> comes along, it fails, although (trumm is the DHCP server, remailer
> the installing machine):

Yeah, this is a known issue.  It's probably a race.

> It asks for a hostname, although it has gotten one via DHCP.

We haven't figured out how to actually get that name from DHCP with
the dhcp client v2.  v3 can do it, but it's about three times the size
of the old version.

> All the predefined partitioning schemes are missing the cobalt boot
> partition:
> So I keep the layout that's already on disk from the last installer run:

Sorry, I forgot to mention that the new automatic partitioning schemes
have not entered testing yet.

> The rest of the installation was OK; network configuration happens
> automatically (from the DHCP data), /etc/network/interfaces is
> generated, machine boots, fine.

Great, thanks for testing.
Martin Michlmayr

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