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Bug#249937: installation-reports: Failed to install on x86 with d-i beta4 -- Partman/LVM

* gilles@harfang.homelinux.org <gilles@harfang.homelinux.org> [2004-05-24 02:12]:
> The LVM configuration dialog indeed works: I created a new volume group
> with 2 logical volumes.  But after quitting the LVM config tool, I restarted
> the partition step in order to mount the 2 volumes: the initial progress bar
> stopped at 56%... and stayed there (for more than 2 minutes).

You're really unlucky.  I'm sorry for wasting your time.  Yes, this is
a bug and someone reported it today.  I know by what it is caused, and
will fix it as soon as possible.  I'll mail you when fixed images are

Martin Michlmayr

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