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Bug#247903: installation-reports: success - di beta4 i386 on via cm266l motherboard

JP Moins wrote:
> A digital camera would have come in handy... This is what I see: the 
> top fifth of the screen, full width, has a grey/white background with a 
> large "debian" imprinted. I can read about half of the word : below are 
> 2 or 3 white lines interlaced with 2 or 3 black lines, then the rest of 
> the screen is pitch black.

Ok, apparently you're seeing all of our boot logo with no problems and
are seeing garbage where the plain text prompt to press enter to boot
should be.

If you have any more info about the model of your video card, that could
be useful. This is probably a bug in isolinux.

see shy jo

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