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Bug#247903: installation-reports: success - di beta4 i386 on via cm266l motherboard

On 8 mai 04, at 16:48, Joey Hess wrote:
If you have any more info about the model of your video card, that could
be useful. This is probably a bug in isolinux.

I am using the internal graphics board of a C3M266-L VIA motherboard.
I think this : http://www.viavpsd.com/product/C3M266_spec.jsp?motherboardId=101
or this : http://www.courville.org/phpwiki/CLE266%20XFree
and this:  http://www.viaarena.com/?PageID=325#cle266
may be of use.

BTW, the X Server fails saying "no screen found"; From what I understand Xfree 4.3.0 does not support 'out-of-the-box' the CLE266 north bridge yet, but this is being worked on.

Let me know if I can be of any further help. Thanks again,

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