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Bug#247903: installation-reports: success - di beta4 i386 on via cm266l motherboard

On 7 mai 04, at 23:34, Joey Hess wrote:

JP Moins wrote:
I did not see any of the usual boot options on the CD. At 1st I thought
the system had freezed at the graphical splash. I use a puny,10-yr old
13" monitor which does only 640X480@60Hz. Does the graphical splash
handle that ?

Please explain exactly what you saw on the screen before hitting enter.

see shy jo

A digital camera would have come in handy... This is what I see: the top fifth of the screen, full width, has a grey/white background with a large "debian" imprinted. I can read about half of the word : below are 2 or 3 white lines interlaced with 2 or 3 black lines, then the rest of the screen is pitch black.

On the right, just above the b/w interlaced lines, I can see the debian whirl and the name debian, in color. Just below the b/w interlaced lines, I can read "Debian 'Sarge' GNU/Linux'.

There is no prompt of any sort. The system will sit there until I hit return.

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