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Beta 4 Installer.

Hello everybody,

Just thought I would drop a note to say what a nice piece of work the
Beta 4 is.
I'm a quasi newbie.
It's my first pure Debian install, coming from Libranet 2.8.1, and it is
at least the equivalent of the Libranet installer. Much better than Beta
3 which just didn't do the job. First attempt installed, no hiccups.
For the 'expert' option, would it be possible to employ cfdisk? I know
that fdisk is the Debian default, but I think that cfdisk has a better
layout, especially with respect to file structure types, etc.

I have noticed various acolytes/feeble peer group clamouring clowns
onlist stating what a great thing the Beta 3 was, but from someone who
doesn't give a damn, the Beta 4 is ready to go.

The only negative now, from a newbie point of view, is debconf.
I know that this isn't classified as part of the installer, but perhaps
from the perspective of the end user it should be, simply because until
Debian is configured, it isn't installed.

I understand that there are one or two interfaces available for Debconf?
One in particular that educates?
Regards and thanks,
David Palmer.
Telaman Consultancies.

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