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Re: Installation in russian

>> "layout" is keyboard layout. For Russian language it definitly should be
>> "ru".
>> "options" set the keyboard switch key. "Caps Lock" (the default) seems to
>> be a bad choise, because this key is better user to lock caps :)
>> I prefer to use "Menu" key, but it is not present on all keyboards. Maybe
>> default should be "Ctrl+Shift", because it is the default in micro$oft
>> world, and many users expect same switch in Linux.
> Why is it necessary for this program to override the keyboard settings?
> Is there something wrong with the existing kernel maps for ru/by/uk, as
> configured by kbd-chooser?

Not sure about those. Maybe I should try it :).

However, currently console-cyrillic seems to be a better solution to
configure cyrillic console on the running system. Just because it presents
and handles currectly much more options (different cyrillic keyboard
layouts, combined with different switch keys, combined with different
encodings, combined with different console font faces and sizes - and all
that is easily configurable and works properly).

Historically, cyrillic console was a complete mess. Several HOWTOs existed
about how to set it up, but still it was tricky even for experienced
people. Maling lists were full of questions about how to set it up and
complains that it does not work.
Then console-cyrillic package was created, and the problem Just Disappeared.

In case of DI, the following more generic solution comes in mind:

1. On 1st stage, kbd-chooser should be used, allowing user to input cyrillic
diring the first stage. In fact it is not really needed, but this will give
a positive impression (look! it works!), which IMHO is important.

2. Console-cyrillic package (and dependencies) should be installed.

3. On 2nd stage, before starting base-config, console-cyrillic should be
configured with default values (perhaps using some 1st stage selections).
So displaying cyrillic text will work.

4. During base-config, console-cyrillic should be reconfigured, allowing
user to choose from all it's options, including "set up console-cyrillic at
boot time" - this one should default to "yes".

What do you think on this?

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