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Re: Installation in russian

> I tried what's happen apt-install console-cyrillic at 1st stage.
> There is no error, and default /etc/console-cyrillic is:
> # Debconf: YES
> # Bootsetup: NO
> style ter-uni-framebuf
> size 16
> encoding utf-8
> layout by
> options caps_toggle
> ttys /dev/tty[1-6]

For a running system, I use the following:

# Debconf: YES
# Bootsetup: YES
style uni
size 16
encoding koi8-r
layout ru
options menu_toggle
ttys /dev/tty[1-9]

"style" is not relevant - it chooses the font from several available

"encoding" is an interesting question. Some russians think that koi8-r is
obsolete, and utf-8 should be used. But others, including myself, think
that too many programs still don't work correctly in utf-8, so koi8-r is
preferred encoding.

"layout" is keyboard layout. For Russian language it definitly should be

"options" set the keyboard switch key. "Caps Lock" (the default) seems to be
a bad choise, because this key is better user to lock caps :)
I prefer to use "Menu" key, but it is not present on all keyboards. Maybe
default should be "Ctrl+Shift", because it is the default in micro$oft
world, and many users expect same switch in Linux.

> Hmm, isn't default setting almost fit for Russian?
> If this setting always needs customize, 1st stage or base-config have
> to do something.

It is easy to preload values to debconf database just before package
installation, using

cat file | /usr/bin/debconf-copydb pipe configdb -c Name:pipe -c Driver:Pipe

On a custom installation CD I created several months ago, I used the
attached file to set up console-cyrillic at the 1st stage.

This has an advantage that even on the first boot user gets console-cyrillic
preconfigured - it Just Works.
Name: console-cyrillic/bootsetup
Template: console-cyrillic/bootsetup
Value: true
Owners: console-cyrillic
Flags: seen

Name: console-cyrillic/change_config
Template: console-cyrillic/change_config
Value: true
Owners: console-cyrillic

Name: console-cyrillic/encoding
Template: console-cyrillic/encoding
Value: KOI8-R
Owners: console-cyrillic
Flags: seen

Name: console-cyrillic/fontsize
Template: console-cyrillic/fontsize
Value: 16
Owners: console-cyrillic
Flags: seen
 fontsizes = 16, 14, 8

Name: console-cyrillic/fontstyle
Template: console-cyrillic/fontstyle
Value: UniCyr
Owners: console-cyrillic
Flags: seen

Name: console-cyrillic/kbdtype
Template: console-cyrillic/kbdtype
Value: Russian Winkeys
Owners: console-cyrillic
Flags: seen

Name: console-cyrillic/switch
Template: console-cyrillic/switch
Value: No temporary switch
Owners: console-cyrillic
Flags: seen

Name: console-cyrillic/toggle
Template: console-cyrillic/toggle
Value: Menu key
Owners: console-cyrillic
Flags: seen

Name: console-cyrillic/ttys
Template: console-cyrillic/ttys
Value: /dev/tty[1-9] /dev/tty1[0-9]
Owners: console-cyrillic
Flags: seen

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