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Re: [WOODY] Need sugestion for Floppy-Install

Am 2003-11-02 21:07:34, schrieb Alastair McKinstry:

>How much memory does the machine have?

I have increased the most machines to 16 MBytes but I try to get 
more memory-Modules in Germany to upgrade to 24 or 32 MBytes. 

Debian works great with 32 MBytes if a litle bit optimized. 

>I did a test install with d-i some months ago, and success
>fully installed via plip. This is why we have plip-modules ... for
>parallel port networking.

This will be very interesting...
Can the d-i be made to work with WOODY ?

I asume, that ich I create a new bunch of Package Tree from sarge 
that I get performance Problems with 486/P1 and maximum 32 MBytes. 

It is already difficult to get WOODY running.

>I had planned on boosting the floppy support in d-i to allow a
>full-floppy install on the i386 machine I was using (this was before the
>i386 support was dropped); I realised that plip networking was 
>simpler than 140 floppies. I haven't tested it in months, though.

So 386-CPU's not more supported ?
OK, even the 'Base-Install' of WOODY is overkill for a 386/dx40 with 
16 MB of memory. Can't used as Dial-In-Router with a 33600 Modem. 

I have tried it already and under WOODY it needs a 486dx33 with 
12 MByte of memory minimum. 

>BTW, I also had an Irda install working, at least to loading d-i modules
>over net stage: irda from one laptop to another. Again, not tested since
>around March/April, but should work. Needs documentation, though.

Yip !!!

I have made a small Irda-Adapter/Dongle from a PC-Magazine. 
Connected to the Serial-Port. 

So, if I have my T1950CT and use a second Irda-Adapter/Dongle 
I can install via Irda-Link ?

This is very interesting for me. 
Which Documentatio need it ?
Can I help you ?
I support german, english and french.

>- Alastair McKinstry

Greetings from Strasbourg

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