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Re: [WOODY] Need sugestion for Floppy-Install

Am 2003-11-02 18:10:51, schrieb Christian Leber:
>On Sun, Nov 02, 2003 at 05:04:35PM +0100, Michelle Konzack wrote:
>> I am working on a very difficult Job in near east ans need the 
>> Floppy-Installation.
>Customer lives in a little cave without internet, cd-roms, usb, firewire,
>free ide/scsi connectors or ethernet?

In Iran and Iraq I have found many Computers 486/P1 which can have 
only one HD. there is no place/connector for CD-Rom. The Mainboards 
are All-In-One-Solutions with no aditional ISA/PCI-Slots.

So USB/Firewire can not used.
Most Computers are without NIC.

The other thing is, that they can not buy any new Hardware...
If you earn only 60-120 US$/month there is no possibility.

Note, that I am collection older Hardware for Kurdistan, Iran, 
Afghanistan, Iraq and Syria. 

>Probably installing packages from floppies is deprecated since a little

Here in Europ maybe...

>> OK, I can register all Floppys, but when I install somthing, it tell 
>> me to put the Floppy in... I habe 140 Floppys - Where ist the *.deb ?
>140? and they are all working???

YES ;-)

>If it's absolutly the only way to install with floppies, then i would
>make the install on a computer that can access some real medium and then
>tar.bz2 everything to a stack of floppies.
>btw. ZIP drives are really cool, they are 100 MB in size and do about
>100 kb/s when connected to parallel port... ok, this was nice in 1995

I have killed some External-ZIP-Drives and ZIP-Disks because the dust.
OK, IOMEGA exchange the Drives regulary with me ;-) but this is not a 
solution... and Parallelport CD-Roms are not supported by older 

>Christian Leber


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