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[WOODY] Need sugestion for Floppy-Install


I am working since 03/1999 with Debian successfuly. For some month 
I have lost my last Windows for Workgroups 3.11 Workstation (I have 
never had Win32) by a lightning-stroke and now I am M$-Free. 

I am working on a very difficult Job in near east ans need the 

For SLINK 2.1r5 it was no problem... 7 Base-Floppys and 73 Packages 

Now I have tried it with WOODY but it does not work because 

The Version of SLINK was supporting the X-Medium Flag and if I have 
registerd all Floppys apt-get was asking about the numbered Floppy.

Now in WOODY it does not work anymore...

OK, I can register all Floppys, but when I install somthing, it tell 
me to put the Floppy in... I habe 140 Floppys - Where ist the *.deb ?

The Other thing I have tried is to make the whole Directory tree, a 
Packages- and Release-File and add the 'X-Medium: ' manualy to it. 
Unfortunately the 'X-Medium:' is not recognised by WOODY. 


Is there a solution like the CD-Rom Installation which ask for a 
numberd Medium ? or must I port dpkg-scanpackages for WOODY ? 
Maybe staticaly linked ??`?

I was thinking to make for each Floppy a Packages- and Release-File 
and put all 280 Files in a Package which installs in /var/lib/apt/lists
So no one must make the DJ after installing the BASE to register the 
other 114 Floppys...

Thanks in advance

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