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Re: [WOODY] Need sugestion for Floppy-Install

>I was thinking to make for each Floppy a Packages- and Release-File 
>and put all 280 Files in a Package which installs in /var/lib/apt/lists
>So no one must make the DJ after installing the BASE to register the 
>other 114 Floppys...

Man! Talk about painful.

Well, if you don't have the option of cd/net/plip (spp only)/...
install, and you can't add a second harddrive to those machines either
(no plugs free, no pci/isa slots), I would suggest you this: bring a
laptop and a usb/firewire harddrive enclosure, that way you can take out
the harddrive, and use your laptop to install everything (using an
image/debootstrap/whatever), and put it back. More reliable, and faster.
The only reason why this wouldn't work, would be if they'd use RLL/MFM
harddrives, but I doubt it since we're talking 386's here, right? Or if
you can't bring your own machine for some reason. 

Hope this helps.  

-- M

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