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Re: udeb priority issues


On Fri, Feb 28, 2003 at 08:41:46PM +0100, Martin Sjögren wrote:

> The following udebs have priority standard but make no sense whatsoever
> to install unless you want to do netinst:
> choose-mirror
> dhcp-client-udeb
> ethdetect
> netcfg-dhcp
> netcfg-static
> nic-modules-2.4....
> How should anna handle this? I'm thinking of having a concept of tasks,
> where "install from network" would obviously be one that's added by
> default for netinst (however we want to detect this...)

Having loosely followed this list, I'm starting to get a little worried
that d-i is more and more starting to model specific problems in too
generic ways and tries too hard to model them like other Debian

I mean, "tasksel"?! No offense, but I highly doubt that a sane installer
really needs something like tasksel to select which installer modules
should be downloaded at run time before doing the actual installation.

I know modularity is one of d-i's main design goals - but why does it
all have to be visible and present at run time? Isn't better
maintainability the single most important goal of this modularity?

Personally, I'd be just as happy if you'd have to choose between
network-enabled and media-only installs at installer build time. Nobody
will complain that he'll need specific floppies, instead of having one
set that is so smart it can bootstrap itself out of every situation
using a two-stage system.

Just my 2c...



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