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Bug#182349: anna: Should reload packages file if something went wrong last time

mån 2003-02-24 klockan 23.05 skrev Thomas Viehmann:
> If the Packages gets updated after the packages.
> The downloaded Packages file can list packages that have been replaced by newer
> versions, the old ones ceasing to be available.
> Then a reload (after the Packages file has been adjusted) helps.

Really, I still don't see the problem. If the Packages file points to
files that aren't downloadable, anna will freak and obviously can't
install them. Then you can select anna from the menu again. The Packages
files are always downloaded, and udebs are selected for installation
based on

1) if priority >= standard
2) if a udeb to-be-installed depends on it
3) if it's selected in the multiselect
4) it is not already installed

Where is this failing? Are you saying that you want an eplicit way to
"re-install this already installed package"?


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