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Re: i18n requires setlocale

> > ISO-8859-? for most european countries, EUC-JP in Japan,
> > and so on.
> > 
> > Not what your environment variable holds.
> Hmm. I meant to ask whether "or am I cursed with Latin1 because I happen
> to live in western Europe?" (but I must've forgotten it somehow) which
> it seems I am. So my conversion to sv_SE.UTF-8 was pretty much in vain,
> then. Dang.

If everything in sv_SE was UTF-8 from the beginning (which sounds 
pretty unlikely), then yes... 

> > > And on-the-fly conversion is something
> > > that I want debconf to do, but it also requires specifying the encoding
> > > in the templates files. 
> > 
> > We know the encoding of the templates files, and we are going towards a 
> > on-the-fly conversion.
> Where is this table of known encodings? I mean, where does debconf
> define the sv -> Latin1 mapping?

I think that was in one of the patches against debconf,
Tomohiro Kubota posted such a list in debian-devel

Thread on "Debconf-i18n" on July 2002 in debian-devel, and 
http://bugs.debian.org/148490 are good examples.

> > > But I don't see the importance of templates not
> > > being in UTF-8. 
> > 
> > They should not be in UTF-8 suddenly, without any signification
> > of them being in UTF-8.
> > Well, if they had been UTF-8 from the beginning, then that
> > would be okay.

> Unless we mandate that templates are UTF-8 for d-i and only use
> UTF-8-capable frontends?

Yes. We can generate UTF-8 templates in the build scripts for 
udebs only, so that they have Description-ll-utf8 entries,
instead of Description-ll... (I'm not sure what was decided on this point).

> > $ du -sh /usr/lib/gconv/
> > 4.4M    /usr/lib/gconv
> > 
> > We are not going to fit that onto a floppy.
> I know. But what is {c,}debconf using for the on-the-fly conversion
> then? It has to be done somehow!

So, boot-floppies has UTF-8-encoded messages to avoid conversion.
debian-installer could do that.

> As long as every language has its own templates.X file, I suppose it's
> okay, when they are merged together into one file it gives me the creeps
> to have contents from several different encodings in a single file.

That's the current state. We can't really edit the file sanely with any existing editor.


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