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Re: i18n requires setlocale

> Why can't they be in UTF-8? My "local encoding" *is* UTF-8

Your "local encoding" is a country default that has been used 
in the past, and which is used in your debconf templates file,
assumed when you do not specify an encoding in your templates file.

ISO-8859-? for most european countries, EUC-JP in Japan,
and so on.

Not what your environment variable holds.

> (unless I
> misunderstand what you mean). 

So there is a misunderstanding.

> And on-the-fly conversion is something
> that I want debconf to do, but it also requires specifying the encoding
> in the templates files. 

We know the encoding of the templates files, and we are going towards a 
on-the-fly conversion.

> But I don't see the importance of templates not
> being in UTF-8. 

They should not be in UTF-8 suddenly, without any signification
of them being in UTF-8.
Well, if they had been UTF-8 from the beginning, then that
would be okay.

Note that on-the-fly conversion using iconv is very expensive.

$ du -sh /usr/lib/gconv/
4.4M    /usr/lib/gconv

We are not going to fit that onto a floppy.

> I'm used to po files too, being a member of the Swedish team in the
> Translation Project. Using po files is simple enough for a translator
> (and fairly well documented).


> Exactly, and since i18n is such a complicated matter, it makes sense to
> use what has been produced by others who have thought a lot about it
> (e.g. gettext) instead of producing something ourselves that may or may
> not be good enough.

ditto, but since "debconf" has been going in this direction,
and joey hess made it the beast it is, it seems like we are sticking 
to it this way.

> > boot-floppies worked around the size constraints by loading 
> > locale information from file on CD-Rom, if it was available.
> > (xlp.tgz).
> Nod. I'm not 100% up to speed on what the single floppy is supposed to
> be able to do (bootstrap for systems that can't boot from CDs and
> netinstall I suppose, but what else?)

El-torito bootable CD image ? 
Are we still using 2.88MB image is used for booting from the CD-Rom?

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