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Re: i18n requires setlocale

> * main-menu asks debconf for debian-installer/language which afaict
> doesn't exist. IMO it would be better if the thing that asked for
> debian-installer/language first, sets LANG=$language after that, so
> setlocale can be used.
> * The Packages file parsing didn't support Description-ll_CC, only
> Description-ll (something I'm working on fixing) and I'm not sure about
> cdebconf as I get lost in the source code when I try to have a look.
> * Not all templates are in UTF-8.

No templates should be in UTF-8.
They need to be converted from their local encoding to 
the UTF-8 on the fly, or on creation of udebs.

> * Should we even use debconf i18n (which is pretty limited) or po files
> as per gettext?

It should probably be worked on by Tomohiro Kubota, on the
real debconf... 

We used po files for boot-floppies, and I think it was quite easy to 
maintain, as far as po files went. But I'm used to po files.

I gather that many people are used to maintaining debconf
templates, so it shouldn't make much difference.

> * How much i18n can we (and how much do we want to) fit on the floppy?

That is why udebootstrap may be required.

Note that debian-installer goes very far back from boot-floppies in
respect to i18n.

boot-floppies worked around the size constraints by loading 
locale information from file on CD-Rom, if it was available.


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