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Re: i18n requires setlocale

sön 2002-09-08 klockan 17.31 skrev Junichi Uekawa:
> No templates should be in UTF-8.
> They need to be converted from their local encoding to 
> the UTF-8 on the fly, or on creation of udebs.

Why can't they be in UTF-8? My "local encoding" *is* UTF-8 (unless I
misunderstand what you mean). And on-the-fly conversion is something
that I want debconf to do, but it also requires specifying the encoding
in the templates files. But I don't see the importance of templates not
being in UTF-8. Precious few editors don't support UTF-8, and even if
someone happens to use an editor that doesn't, there's iconv. Gtk 2 and
hence Gnome 2 use UTF-8 for all text and po files, so it's not as if it
can't be done.

> We used po files for boot-floppies, and I think it was quite easy to 
> maintain, as far as po files went. But I'm used to po files.

I'm used to po files too, being a member of the Swedish team in the
Translation Project. Using po files is simple enough for a translator
(and fairly well documented).

> Note that debian-installer goes very far back from boot-floppies in
> respect to i18n.

Exactly, and since i18n is such a complicated matter, it makes sense to
use what has been produced by others who have thought a lot about it
(e.g. gettext) instead of producing something ourselves that may or may
not be good enough.

> boot-floppies worked around the size constraints by loading 
> locale information from file on CD-Rom, if it was available.
> (xlp.tgz).

Nod. I'm not 100% up to speed on what the single floppy is supposed to
be able to do (bootstrap for systems that can't boot from CDs and
netinstall I suppose, but what else?)

This is "a tough nut to crack" as we say in Sweden.


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