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Re: Woody Installation

Hi Christian

> installed, so the kernel-image source package is on the source CD, the
> kernel-image binary package is on your CD, the kernel-source source package
> is on the source CD, the kernel-source binary (binary-all) package is on the
> binary CDs, simple isn't it?).
Well, my woody only has 7 Binary-CD-s and one Add-On-CD (Open Office).
So, I never expected the
kernel sources to be on them.
find /cdrom -name '*kernel*' -print
yielded kernel 2.2.20 and 2.4.xx
apt-get install kernel-sources-2.2.20 kernel-sources-2.4.18
So now I think I can compile my own kernel

> > CD-structure has greatly changed from a task / field-oriented to a
> > first_letter_of_app_name-structure it's quite difficult to search no.
> > apt-cache might not always be helpful.
> You typicall do not search on the CD for programs, thats what dselect and
> friends are for.
What do you do if you are looking for a program with particular features
but don't have the slightest idea as what it might be called. Here
browsing the CD's has often been a good idea, but will no longer work
with the new layout.

> they are not _in_ X, but xfree86 is not only one package, it depends on
> several other packages and the one or other package requires (or suggests)
> one of the packages you mentioned. If you use dselect to install packages,
> you should be able to see what packages require. And if you try to unselect
> one of those packages, it will tell you which package needs/recommends it.
makes sense.

> > > | xdm? I don't want any graphical login.
> > > Then don't install xdm.
> > I never asked for them. During another installation (on my laptop) I was
> > presented a menu from which to choose a gdm without a choice to say no,
> > thanks, don't want this. Somehow it seems to default to installing a
> > gdm.
dkpg -r xdm
dpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of xdm
  x-window-system depends on xdm
so I cant't remove it, but I think it should not be installed by

Thanks for the help

Axel Schlicht

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