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Re: Woody Installation

On Sun, 2002-09-08 at 17:38, Axel Schlicht wrote:
> > > CD-structure has greatly changed from a task / field-oriented to a
> > > first_letter_of_app_name-structure it's quite difficult to search no.
> > > apt-cache might not always be helpful.
> > You typicall do not search on the CD for programs, thats what dselect and
> > friends are for.
> What do you do if you are looking for a program with particular features
> but don't have the slightest idea as what it might be called. Here
> browsing the CD's has often been a good idea, but will no longer work
> with the new layout.

apt-cache search <enter keywords here>

apt-cache show <package name> 

This will often provide a reasonable selection of packages to choose
from although sometimes there is a lot of extra packages to sort

Another place is to look is http://www.debian.org/distrib/packages where
there is a categorized listing and a searching capability.

Stephen Depooter  -- Debian user since last March :)

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