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Re: Woody Installation

* Axel Schlicht 

| So now we try CD #2
| Whow, now we get a welcome screen
| and - via F3 - are presented with a few options:
| linux, ramdisk{0,1}, floppy{0,1}, and rescue. Not much of a choice for
| kernels.

You can choose kernels etc by choosing which CD to use.

| As I had to disable all drives except /dev/hda I'll have to to without a
| swap drive.
| ...
| Mounting /dev/sda4

Uhm, you are saying you only had hda here, but then continuing to
mount sda4?

| Install Kernel and Driver Modules : pressed enter : skipped by install
| routine (not good)

Parse error.


| Hey folks. This is just sick. Now, you have to be a C-programmer to
| solve such a problem. I hate programming (testing and documentation is
| fun, programming is just sick). How do you expect Johnny user to figure
| this out? Why not tell users how to enter parameters?

Because it is dependend on the kernel module?

| + nls_cp437  : OK
| + vfat       : OK
|   (No description available) : That's a joke, isn't it
| + nfs        : OK
|   (No description available) : That's a joke, isn't it

file bugs against modconf.

| Select Installation Medium (didn't we have that before and before ...)

I usually install base from the network, though I may install the
kernel from cd, so this is a sane question.

| Error Messages:
| scsi <fdomain> Detection failed (no card)
| NCR53c416a : no availanble ports found
| sym53c416.c: version 1.0.0
| Failed initialization of WD-7000 SCSI card
| IBM MCA SCSI: Version 3.2
| IBM MCA SCSI: No Microchannel-bus present --> Aborting
|               This machine does not have any IBM MCA-bus
| megaraid; v1.11 (Aug 23,2000)
| aec671x_detect:
| 3ware Storage Controller device driver for Linux v1.02.00.008.
| 3w-xxxx: tw_findcards(): No cards found.
| So, Linux seems to scan for several scsi-adapters. How to disable this?

Make a new initrd or compile your own kernel?

| scsi0 : Adaptec AHA274x/284x/294x (EISA(VLB/PCI-Fast SCSI) 5.1.33/3.2.4
|         <Adaptec AHA-294X SCSI host adapter>
| scsi  : 1 host
|   Vendor : IBM     Model: DCAS-34330               Rev: S65A
|   Type Direct-Access                ANSI SCSI revision: 02
| Detected scsi disk sda at scsi0, channel 0, id 0, lun 0
|   Vendor: PLEXTOR  Model: CD-ROM PX-32TS           Rev: 1.01
|   Type :  CD-ROM                    ANSI SCSI revision: 02
| Detected scsi CD-ROM sr0 at scsi0, channel 0, id 4, lun 0
|   Vendor: CyberDrv Model: CD-ROM TW240S            Rev: 1.40
|   Type :  CD-ROM                    ANSI SCSI revision: 02
| Detected scsi CD-ROM sr1 at scsi0, channel 0, id 5, lun 0
|   Vendor: PLEXTOR  Model: CD-ROM Rewritable-2x2x6  Rev: 2.00
|   Type :  CD-ROM                    ANSI SCSI revision: 02
| Detected scsi CD-ROM sr2 at scsi0, channel 0, id 6, lun 0
| scsi : detected 3 SCSI cdroms  1 SCSI disk total
| ...
| sr0: NOT LISTED, WHY ?????
| sr1: scsi3-mmc drive: 24x/24x       cd/rw xa/form2 cdda tray
| sr2 scsi3-mmc drive:  2x/6x  writer cd/rw xa/form2 cdda tray
| Partition check
| sda: sda1 sda2 sda3 sda4
| hda: hda1 < hda5 hda6 hda7 hda8 hda9 hda10 hda11 > hda2
| hdb: hdb1 < hdb5 hdb6 hdb7 hdb8 hdb9 hdb10 hdb11 >
| hdc: [PTBL] [2491/255/63] hdc1 < hdc5 hdc6 hdc7 >
|      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
| What's that? Why? Seems to be Partition table / CHS, but why?

Asking those who make the installation system why the kernel prints
stuff in a particular way isn't too productive.  I suggest you ask
those on debian-user@lists.debian.org

| insmod: modprobe: cannot create /var/log/ksymoops/20020908.log Read-only
| file system
| insmod: /libs/modules/2.2.20/misc/unix.o: cannot create
| /var/log/ksymoops/20020908121553.ksyms Read-only file sestem
| insmod: /libs/modules/2.2.20/misc/unix.o: cannot create
| /var/log/ksymoops/20020908.log Read-only file sestem
| is this serious?


| Loading modules:
| unix af_packet ne2k-pci ne2k-pci.c: v1.02 for Linux 2.2 ....
| ??? af_packet: what's that, who installed that?

packet socket, iirc.

| nek2k-pci.c: PCI NE2000 clone 'Realtek RTL-8029' at I/O 0xb800, IRQ 12
| eth0: RealTek RTL-8029 found at 0xb800, IRQ12, MAC-Address
| sb Soundblaster audio driver Coipyright ...
| SB 4.13 detected OK (220)
| sb: interrupt test on IRQ7 failed - probable IRQ conflict
| nls_cp437 vfat nfs
| /proc/modules
|   sb                     32456   0 (unused)
|   uart401                 5872   0 [sb]
|   sound                  56384   0 [sb uart401]
|   soundlow                 384   0 [sound]
|   soundcore               2452   5 [sb sound]
|   usb-uhci               18220   0 (unused)
|   usbcore                43920   0 [usb-uhci]
| * ide-scsi                7060   0
| * parport_probe           3360   0 (autoclean)
| * parport_pc              7276   1 (autoclean)
|   lp                      4580   0 (autoclean)
| * parport                 6852   1 (autoclean) [parport_probe parport_pc
| lp]
| * pcmcia_core            45824   0
|   nfs                    71180   0 (unused)
|   lockd                  42420   0 [nfs]
| * sunrpc                 57816   0 [nfs lockd]
|   vfat                    9428   0
|   nls_cp437               3896   1
|   ne2k-pci                4240   1
|   8390                    5944   0 [ne2k-pci]
|   af_packet               6152   0 (unused)
|   unix                   11352   5 (autoclean)
| Why ide-scsi? Never asked for that. The only DVD drive may also be
| accessed through directly.
| Sunrpc? What's that

Needed by nfs.

| Pcmcia? Didn't we remove Pcmcia during intallation?

uhm, no?

| Parport? I only want to print thru my parallel port. No scanners, No
| CD-ROMs, nothing else.

you still need a kernel driver.

| What can I delete?

anything which is not used.

| Q: How secure are passwords like 'I1,just4.want4 in2 No_of_Chars11'. Can
| they easily be cracked too? (Meaningful sentence + special chars on the
| same key on all keyboards)

quite.  The Debian installation is not supposed to be a beginner's
course on UNIX.

| delete PCMCIA
| No PPP for installing
| Apt-Configuration
| /dev/cdrom : yuck : changed to /mnt/cd32 = /dev/sr0
| fstab : /dev/sr0  /mnt/cd32  iso9660 ro,user,noauto 0 0
| mount /mnt/cd32 works
| entering /mnt/cd32 in Ap-config causes error-message : /mnt/cd32 no
| block device
| mounting /mnt/cd32 solves this problem, but apt-config is skipped (very
| bad)
| No way back.
| How do I configure it now?

you have to tell apt what block device to use.  apt-cdrom should help
you with that.

| login
| man apt
| man apt-cache
| yucck, pager is more, no less installed (extremely bad)

You installed base and said no to dselect and tasksel, that means you
have a minimal system.

| man apt.conf
| man apt-config
| apropos apt -> apt : nothing appropriate (that's ridiculous)
| Nothing tells me how to create apt.conf. As there was a graphical
| interface in the install program, it would be nice if it could be used
| outside the installation process.

apt.conf?  Huh?  You might be looking for apt-setup?

| How do I find out how to find out how to find out any information on
| anything in Debian?

Read the docs?

 I got the official handbook (by Linuxland) by

| For some stupid reason it insists on /dev/cdrom (direct access to a dev
| file, aaargh) which
| points to /dev/scd0, why not to /dev/sr0 ???
| How to get rid of ide-pci (might cause that scd0). And how to set up apt
| so it will only access /mnt/sd32 (mount point for /dev/sr0).

idepci is your kernel flavor.  And if you want apt-cdrom to work
properly, it needs to know the block device.

| And why do we have a /cdrom file. Shouldn't there be anything
| superfluous in /? Same goes for kernel-links (vmlinuz ->
| /boot/vmlinuz-2.2.20). Shouldn't they only be in /boot.

no, they should be there.

| But apt insists on /cdrom. How can I change that to /mnt/cd32


| Well now it runs, but defauts to NOT scanning another CD. Should be no
| problem, after all Debian only consists of one CD and will never grow to
| more than one.

Go read http://www.debianplanet.org/node.php?id=682&cid=9161

We are not your servants.  We do our best.  Throwing shit in our face
is useless.

| What happens if you accidentally hit no. Will the next scan delete the
| old file, wrongly append, will everything be fine. Documented where?

man apt-cdrom?

| Apt Configuration : final question:
| security updates : How to do? Shall I connect as root ?????
| How to do this with a second PC set up as a gateway?
| So it's 'no' for the moment.
| Well, apt seems to be happy now, so let's run tasksel.
| Aaargh
| X window system : 3.* ? 4.* ? Task info won't tell.
| Desktop environment : how to run anything except kde? Like fvwm,
| blackbox etc.
| Dialup : Why woffle? What do I need this for? I don't want to cache
| anything.
| Why is anacron in dialup, I would expect it in base.

I suggest you use dselect or aptitude, since you know what you want
and don't want.

| So let's try X only. (And have fun afterwards lloking for all the apps
| one by one)
| Eh? X installs bc, biff, binutils, bison, cpp, ispell, cpp, gdb?
| Strange.

Why is that strange?

| xdm? I don't want any graphical login.

Then don't install xdm.

| Binutils: Kernel link failure info. Nice. Affects which kernels? 2.2.*,
| 2.4.*
| 2.2.17 in Potato (2.2.r0) did link OK). Info should be saved to disk, so
| scribbling down again.

It is.

| less installs now? less part of X?????? Strange.

parse error.

| Configuring Xserver-xfree84 with debconf
| /etc/X11/XF86Config-4 : well, might really be X 4.x
| let's say yes. How can I change this afterwards?

dpkg-reconfigure xserver-xfree86

| Select the server.
| Nice. What do I chose here?
| Whats nv, imstt, apm (power management???), sis?
| Will mga be OK for a millenium 400?

mga, yes.

| Framebuffer ???
| Yes

no, usually not.

| b) a clear indication Linux needs much better, didactically divine
| documentation (for users, that is people who want to know how to
| dothings, not gurus, who just want to know that they didn't find
| anything new in a book / article, already knew all of it, slap
| themselves on their shoulder and feel wonderful).  The only thing to
| help me was a few years' experience in mainframes and DOS.

Then I suggest you sit down and write that documentation.  Scratch
your own itch.

| I once offered to do tranlations, but so far have not been able to get
| the stuf out of the CVS repository (because it's only accessible under
| Linux, so, if you are unable to access the web under Linux (as I was for
| several years up to shortly before, external modem never yielding more
| than 100 bits per secons, AVM Fritz PCI card v 2.0 not working under
| Potato (at least I couldn't find any open source drivers, or any driver
| for Debian, Suse / Redhat there they are galore)), I couln't help
| despite wanting to do so.

uhm, what OS does _not_ have a CVS client those days?

| Same goes for documentation, how shall anybody (even me, I like
| documentation as stated above) do it, with nothing being provided (no I
| don't read source code).
| So any help will be greatly appreciated. Links to _good_ and _complete_
| documentation in
| any EU language except Greek / Finnish, as well as Japanese, Korean or
| easy Russian will be be thankfully accepted.

Have you read http://www.debian.org/releases/stable/installmanual ?

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