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Re: Woody Installation

On Sun, Sep 08, 2002 at 11:38:07PM +0200, Axel Schlicht wrote:

as probably somebody said before, I think your questions should be asked on
debian-user, since they are not really related to the bootfloppies anymore.
> What do you do if you are looking for a program with particular features
> but don't have the slightest idea as what it might be called. Here
> browsing the CD's has often been a good idea, but will no longer work
> with the new layout.

apt-cache search or wajig search work quite nicely. Also dselect still sorts
packages according to sections, and I bet that gives you much more
information than a CD listing. You could also read the Packages file
directly, but I guess apt-cache search uses that as an input. And if you
insist on reading the files on the CD, find also works on CD-Roms.

> dkpg -r xdm
> dpkg: dependency problems prevent removal of xdm
>   x-window-system depends on xdm
> so I cant't remove it, but I think it should not be installed by
> default.

Of course you can remove it, x-window-system is only a task which pulls in a
bunch of other packages, including xdm, because the "standard" user who
wants the x-windows-system also wants xdm. You are the non-standard user.
After installing the task, nobody stops you from removing the task and
individual packages which were pulled in by that task. Its just a convenient
thing to select one "package" and get X (or C development, or ...) going
instead of selecting an xserver, some fonts, a windowmanager and a terminal
emulator and maybe more manually. Its very easy to forget something and you
wonder why X is not working. Been there, done that, xterm was my favourite.


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